The Advertiser Receives Up To 5-10 Spins DAILY (15-30 Seconds) On FIVE (5) Premium EAE Radio "TOP MARKET" Stations For 30 Days. The Advertiser Receives Twitter & Facebook Promotion From The Designated Radio Stations & Staff For 90 Days (4-7 Tweets Weekly).

The Advertiser Receives A Rotating Banner Ad Campaign On FIVE (5) Stations For 30 Days. (Sizes Accepted: 300x250 - 728x90 - 300x600)

Full feature business profile in HUSH Weekly ( One of the leading online pop culture magazines in the country. Full feature business profile in Authentic. Magazine ( Authentic. Magazine is a top high traffic website that drives TARGETED leads to it's sponsored content. Full feature business profile in Lenox and Parker Magazine ( Full Press Release Distribution To NBC Right Now, ABC Local News, CBS Local News, The CW, Local Radio Stations and Many More (500+ Media Outlets).

Participating Markets:

  • San Diego (Urban/Top 40)
  • Las Vegas (Pop/Urban/Top 40)
  • Washington DC (Top 40)
  • Cincinnati (Urban/Top 40)
  • Denver (Pop/Top 40)
  • Los Angeles (Top 40)
  • Houston(Urban/Top 40)
  • Atlanta (Urban)
  • Dallas (Urban/Indie)
  • Detroit (Top 40/Talk Radio)
  • Nashville (Top 40/Country)

Select Radio Markets Provided By WXEA-FM | EAE Radio Networks (View Complete List of Stations Here:

Social media support includes up to 7 tweets weekly promoting your business or music from the designated radio station participating in your campaign.

After you've sent your payment, submit business info to

Full Name
Business Name
Business Website
Business E-mail
Business Phone #
Twitter Username
Facebook "LIKE" Page
Professional Press Release
Commercial Ad MP3 (No Wav Files)
2-3 High Resolution Pictures
Order Number
Designated Station Or Local Region
Provide A Twitter Script (What do you want the stations to tweet?) The Script Must Be Less Than 240 Characters.

Ad campaigns will begin 72 hours after payment is confirmed and marked completed. Once we've received the following information we'll notify you. The advertiser's ad will air every 2-3 hours for the next YEAR. For larger campaigns and questions email


Campaign Duration: 30 Days

This Campaign Is Available For Music Artists Only (Music Streaming)


Participating Stations (View Featured Stations Here):

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Participating Blogs (View Featured Stations Here):

  • KBEX-POWER 107.9 LA ( (Top 40/Urban/Gospel - Blog Placement Only)
  • KEAE-WiLD 98.3 Las Vegas ( (Top 40/Pop/Country - Blog Placement Only)
  • HUSH! Weekly ( (Entertainment. Music. Fashion. Trends. - Blog Placement Only)
  • Authentic. Magazine ( (Music. Fashion. Film - Blog Placement Only)
  • Mogul Magazine (Blog Placement Only)

Click Here To View More Blogs In Our Network...

Social Media Promoters (View Featured Stations Here):

  • @1DJChoice (Twitter - 60k+ Followers)
  • @DJSnowWhiteDMC (Twitter - 70k+ Followers)
  • @DJPriceTag (Twitter - 75k+ Followers)
  • @TheKLoveShow (Twitter - 15k+ Followers)
  • Jazmine Lacey of The E-man's Angels Agency (Verified Facebook 5k+)
  • @WXEAFM (Twitter - 65k+ Followers)
  • @V107FM (Twitter - 6k+ Followers)
  • @Mercedes_Milano (Public Relations) (Twitter - 30k+ Followers)
  • @LilBankhead945 (Streetz 94.5 Atlanta - Twitter - 300k+ Followers)
  • @AGTheAR (Universal Music Group A&R - Twitter - 20k+ Followers)

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You will be notified via Twitter when your song airs. Indie songs usually air 12pm-4pm or 10pm-2am est and sometimes randomly during the day.

The artist receives 1-2 plays per day on most stations listed above. All Stations are monitored by BMI, SESAC, ASCAP & SoundExchange.

Explicit tracks are not accepted.

Everything must be submitted correctly or your submission will be deleted. Your campaign will not begin until we have everything submitted correctly. Take your time so that your campaign can flow and perform progressively. If we do not receive everything submitted correctly, you will have to wait an extra 7 days for your music/ads to air. You may send only one MP3 file. Music/Ads are added into the playlist on Sundays.  Once we've received the following information we'll launch your campaign. The campaign will launch and you will be notified via social media. 

Things NOT To Do.

  • Do not submit music that is not mixed and mastered.
  • Do not email us daily asking when your order will start. (Music/Commercial Ads Are Programmed The Following Sunday)
  • Do not send us explicit music.
  • Do not send us instrumentals.
  • Submission details are below and extremely clear. If you do not read or follow these simple instructions, your order will be delayed. 

Radio Spins Are Tracked By (The #1 Destination For Monitoring Radio Spins & Global Radio Distribution).

For larger & customized campaigns contact We would be glad to customize a campaign strictly for your needs.


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