Agnez Mo - Damn I Love You (Official Video) - DJ Grid Exclusive!



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Buy The DJ Grid Project, Vol. 1

Available On iTunes (Peaked at #7 on iTunes Reggae Charts) & Amazon (Peaked at #2 Hot New Releases)


Buy Agnez Mo - X

Now Available On iTunes & Amazon! Follow Queen Agnez Mo On Twitter (Over 17 Million Followers)


Alonestar - ReaL Life (feat. Ed Sheeran)

Alonestar & His Cousin Ed Sheeran, Re-Introduce The Reality of This Society & Justice System On The DJ Grid Project, Vol. 1 (Now Available Everywhere)


The DJ Grid & Mojo Morgan - Million $ Check (feat. Damian Marley, Stephen Marley & Wyclef)

This Certified Hit Was ReIntroduced On The DJ Grid Project, Vol. 1. Presented By Contractor Music. 


Missy Elliott - I'm Better (feat. Lamb)

Few Artists In Rap and R&B Have Attained As Much Commercial Success As Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott Launched A Campaign With The E-man's Angels Agency!


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