Music Review: House - Pour Me A Drank

RAP artist House is back on the scene with a brand new single: “Pour Me A Drank.” This artist has an edgy, driven flow, which tips the hat off to the best trap and neo-soul influences.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cool sound of the bouncy synth bass melody. This is one of the most distinctive parts of the instrumental, along with the 808-style beat, which is crunchy and deep. The vocals bring a lot of energy to the track, but the cool tuning effects also build some crazy melodic layers, which enhance the reach of the melodies. Every little bit comes together perfectly, like the pieces of a puzzle. As a result, this song is truly spot on, hitting the mark in every way.

This release packs a lot of punch, showcasing House’s full potential, and giving the listeners a sense of his flow and production aesthetics. If you are into the sound of artists like XXXTENTACION, Mac Miller, and Chris Brown, you are certainly going to love “Pour Me A Drank.”

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