Music Review: Ride Or Die By Stone

Stone is a rap artist with a distinctive sound. With a modern mindset and an old-school heart, he is able to create songs that are sophisticated, yet catchy and immediate. A good example? His most recent release, “Ride or Die” is just about the perfect blend of modern and old-school hip-hop.

Almost reminding me of a modern-day Tupac, Stone has a very upfront tone, which really adds so much energy to this track. Clever lyrics and memorable melodies are at the forefront of this release. The song begins with a deep kick sound, and some cool soulful vocal parts, before eventually breaking out into a full-blast beat, with some amazing trap influences. The sound of this release is modern and unapologetic, and if you are a fan of artists such as Drake, Kanye West or Logic, you are definitely going to connect with this one!

Find out more about Stone, and listen to “Ride or Die,” which is currently available on Soundcloud: