Trealetic - The Flyest and Most Dangerous Vol. 1

Trealetic, also known as Jameirreo Gray, is an artist and performer with a focus on hip-hop music. Ever since he was only a child, he was passionate about words and poetry, so his connection with hip-hop and R&B was a natural evolution.

His most recent studio release, “Flyest and Most Dangerous Vol. 1” features 9 tracks, including a poignant introduction reminiscing the 9/11 incident. The first song, “R.I.P.” is a quintessential rap blow with a fast lyrical flow. “Master / Disaster” explores a more melodic side, with some insightful lyrics. One of my favorite songs on this entire release is definitely Jekyl. This guitar makes me think of artists like Lil Wayne, but with a much better sense of melody and a cool approach to the lyrics. The production of the entire release is quite amazing because it is crisp and direct. The beats are punchy and in-your-face, while the overall feel of this release is quite fantastic, bringing a lot of energy to the mix.

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