The DJ Grid + Buyer Base

The DJ Grid + Buyer Base

from 2,500.00

This campaign allows artists to use our in-house buyer base.

When launching this specific campaign it’s required that your music is mixed and mastered. We will not promote music that we know our buyers will not buy. If you purchase and your music is not approved, you will be immediately refunded. After song or album charts on any platform Top 100, the campaign will be complete. To maintain monthly charting, you must purchase this campaign again. There are no refunds after the client’s results are completed. These campaigns are limited and we will only allow up to 25 clients per month. Expected Results Include iTunes, Amazon Music and Possibly Billboard Charting.

Campaign Duration: 4 Weeks

Genres Accepted: Reggae, R&B, Dance, World, Gospel, Jazz, Neo Soul, Rock, Country, Dancehall

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The Predicted Platinum Records Platform Includes The Following Benefits & Features:

Featured Artist receives a customized landing page on VIP Recordings. (Landing Page Example: Click Here)

  1. Artist generates direct digital sales from iTunes & Amazon

  2. The artist's song receives immediate exposure and interaction

  3. The artist receives daily mentions on social media and is featured as "Song of The Week"

The landing page includes the following:

  • Link To Amazon or iTunes Release.

  • Campaign Instructions On How To Receive Promotion For Buyers (See Example)

A radio station from our partners at Hush Media Networks will assign a minimum of "5" top-level real human social media accounts to promote the campaign and distribute 5,000 direct messages per week. Each message is customized and contains a hyperlink which redirects the client to the artist 'purchase' page. The featured artist receives 30 days of airplay on the chosen station and daily social media mentions.

The mass population of the indie artists and businesses will purchase this campaign based upon price alone. Utilizing our Buyer Base, the artist has the ability to work without pressure of failed record sales. We do not guarantee Billboard charting for every artist. However, depending on the genre, the album or song will come very close depending on the option chosen.

Once the album charts/ranks Top 100, the campaign is complete. If you have questions about this campaign contact before you purchase.